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Dani Lamb, a seemingly innocent young girl from New Orleans, vacations to Los Angeles after discovering her boyfriend Frank was married to a voodoo priestess named Serafine the entire time she’s been dating him. Once she arrives in LA, she reunites with her cousin Stacy, who was always like a big sister to her.  On her 2nd day in LA, she receives a phone call from Frank, telling her that Serafine has followed her to LA and is going to use her voodoo powers against her. Dani reacts frantically to the revelation and immediately fears for her life.  Stacy takes her back home, assuring her safety. However, through the course of the night, Dani experiences an extreme haunting created by the evil Serafine and she’s cursed to Hell.  Dwarf-like minions grab Dani by her feet and rush her through a rocky tunnel, dropping her inside a large, torch-lit cave.  Dani tries to go back the way she came but a rocky wall stands where the tunnel once did, and Dani can only go forward.  On her journey through the Underworld, Dani discovers the horrors that exist are designed to mentally destroy her. She’s thoroughly beaten, mentally and physically, and by the time she encounters Satan, she has long given up her very soul.

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